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At Home Diagnostics- Services

At Home Oxygen Qualifying Services

Providing Accurate and Reliable Testing in a Realistic Setting

Our Overnight Oximetry Testing will report the following Patient events:

  • %SpO2
  • Total # of Desaturations
  • Summary Report provided to Physician

How to order at-home sleep testing?

FAX the following to At-Home Diagnostics:

  1. Rx stating “AT-HOME Sleep Study with Oximetry”
  2. Patient Insurance Info
  3. Patient Demographics

Physician Rx - Have your Physician complete this form to order At-Home Testing

Other Services Include:

Interpretation of Apnea Monitor Downloads

All study results interpreted by Board Certified in Sleep Medicine Physicians, delivered to your Physician are $199.00 per study. Or, easy to understand conclusive study results not interpreted by a Physician and delivered directly to you for $49.95.